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About Cody R. WixCody R. Wix

Founder of The Law Office of Cody R. Wix, LLC

Cody R. Wix is a different kind of lawyer. Most lawyers are attracted to the profession because they want to make a lot of money. Cody became a lawyer for one reason…people. Before law school, Cody Wix worked for experienced and skilled trial attorneys Robert Bunch and Joey James. Cody watched as client after client would enter the office in a state of suffering caused by car crashes, debilitating injuries, unsafe and untested products.

Cody noticed one common thread was present in every case…TRUST. They trusted manufacturers to make safe products. They trusted insurance companies to uphold their agreements. They trusted their employers to provide safe working environments, and they trusted their Government to be there for them when they became too disabled to work. Each and every time this trust was destroyed. The pain Cody witnessed was not just physical pain, it was the pain of betrayal.

Standing Up for the Injured

Cody then went on to attend Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama with the sole focus standing up for the disabled, the injured, and the wrongfully accused. During law school, Cody had the privilege of working for Wrady & Michel, LLC in Birmingham. This law firm focuses on representing employees when they suffer discrimination, harassment, injuries, and wrongful terminations. As Cody learned and worked alongside skilled attorneys, he saw more pain. This time he saw the pain of degradation, hopelessness, and intolerance.

Cody R. Wix has spent the last six years of his life learning the skills necessary to advocate for those in need. The experience he gained working with seasoned and professional plaintiff’s attorneys has been invaluable. He learned how to think in law school, but he learned how to fight from his experiences and his tenacious mentors. The Government is powerful. Corporations are powerful. Insurance companies are powerful. This can be overwhelming and terrifying to face alone. But you do not have to. You have the truth, you have your dignity, and you have Cody R. Wix. FIGHTING FOR YOU.


  • University of North Alabama, B.S., 2010
  • Samford University, Cumberland School of Law, J.D., 2014


  • Alabama Association for Justice
  • American Bar Association
  • Birmingham Bar Association

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